Global Leaders Must Take Decisive Action Against Plastic Pollution – CCLG-Africa Urges


A civil society organisation, Climate Communications and Locak Governance-Africa (CCLG-Africa), is calling on world leaders especially African leaders to renew their commitments towards finding a lasting solution to the hazards posed by plastics to the suvival of the human race.

According to the group, plastics has been identified as one significant pollutant with far reaching health implications and a major threat to life of all living creatures.

“Plastic waste has been widely recognized as one significant pollutant with very far reaching negative impact on the environment and poses a threat to the survival of humanity and all living creatures”.

This was contained in a statement released by CCLG-Africa to commemorate World Earth Day which is observed on Aprill 22 annually.

The statement which was signed by President of CCLG-Africa, Kofi Don Agor expressed worry about the negative sight of plastics that have enguled every available space including water bodies and communities.

“Water bodies including rivers, lakes and the ocean are inundated by plastic.
Our communities are filled with plastic wastes which are threats to plants, animals and humanity as a whole” it said.

The group is therefore demanding a 60% reduction in the global production of plastics by the year 2040 and called on African governments to adopt local measures to curb the menance whiles urging the United Nations to yield to demands for the adoption of a Treaty on PLastics to help save the earh.

“CCLG-Africa therefore joins other stakeholders and lovers of our planet in demanding a 60% reduction in the production of all forms of plastic by 2040.
We urge African governments to adopt comprehensive plastic control measures to save the environment whilst the United Nations (UN) should as a matter of urgency respond to global demands for adoption of a Treaty on Plastic Pollution to save our planet” the statement said.

Additionally, CCLG-Africa called on all relevant stakeholders including the academia, environmentalists, CSOs and the media to mount a spirited advocacy in demanding urgent action from duty bearers in Ghana and the African continent to save mother earth from extinction.

World Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability.

The 2024 world Earth Day is on the theme: ‘’Planet verses Plastics’’ .

It is aimed at drawing attention on the serious issue of plastic pollution and to encourage all to adopt measures that ensure a healthy planet and a secured future for all.

World Earth Day was initiated in 1970, and has grown into a global celebration, with over a billion people participating in more than 193 countries annually.
The day is dedicated to educating and mobilizing individuals, communities, and governments on the importance of the environment and the necessity of its preservation and restoration.

By: Christian Kpesese


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