About Us

www.naturalresourcesnews.com (NRNEWS) is a news portal aimed at publishing reliable news content, policy analysis, research and stakeholder perspectives whiles promoting responsible and sustainable natural resource governance.

It focuses on the extractive sector including oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, forestry, wildlife, the blue economy and the environment to ensure that citizens of Ghana, Africa and the world at large derive maximum benefit from the exploitation of these rich natural resources.

NRNEWS dedicates special attention to illuminating these sectors of the economy of Ghana and Africa which are the fulcrum for the survival of the human race.

It provides a platform for highlighting the expert views of stakeholders in the natural resource space, the environment whiles projecting the needs and voices of other relevant publics affected as a result of policy implementation or otherwise.

NRNEWS is motivated by the desire to provide the reading/viewing public with the most reliable and current Natural Resources news based on credible data.